How can you best handle conflict with your children?

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During your child’s teenage years you will come to realize that the conflicts have grown in
number. It’s absolutely natural because you should know that your child is developing a
personality and hold their own opinion now which might clash with yours. For instance, they
might not agree with your cultural or religious values as they start exploring all of their
options. Some parents send their kids for adolescent counseling if the conflicts get out of
their control. This becomes a cause of extreme depression and anxiety for both the parents
and the children.

Deal with conflict through talking

The reason why adolescent counseling is the best way to help your child is because the
therapists know how to resolve matters through talking and staying calm. Parents should
understand that these conflicts can sometimes have a major reason behind them. For
instance, school stress, sexual abuse, trauma, substance abuse, etc.

  • Never lose your temper while talking to your child during a conflict. Try to stay calm,
    this will give them a feeling that you are not against them in any way.
  • Do not cut your child off when they are talking. Always listen to their point of view
  • Understand that your child needs adolescent counseling so make a conversation that
    will make them feel better about things.
  • Never say the word ‘NO’ straight away. Try to negotiate with your child through
    sentences starting from ‘I understand that you want this but you still have ample time
    to think about this decision.

The conflict often turns into violence, how you can manage that

Unfortunately, in many cases arguments and fights can turn violent especially when you
have a hyper active teenager that you are dealing with. This kind of behavior always comes
up during difficult times, for instance, if you are going through divorce counseling or some life
changing trauma. If things get to a point where you child becomes violent, it’s definitely time
to seek professional help through adolescent counseling or individual counseling.

  • Let your child know that this is not ok and is unacceptable under all circumstances.
  • Tell them that their behavior is going to have serious consequences.
  • Let them know that this can cause serious harm to their loved ones or themselves.

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is to stay calm and composed during
all these episodes that your child has.