How to talk to your child about food safety?

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How to talk to your child about food safety?

Every year thousands tons of food goes to a waste, this is quite unfortunate for the entire planet. While there are countries where children are dying of hunger, we are wasting resources that will no longer be in excess after a few years down the lane. The change starts from home and from the young people who will be contributing towards the betterment of this world. It’s time that we talk to our children about food safety and food hygiene whether we do it ourselves or enrol them in cooking classes to learn about it.

Encourage them to register in cooking classes

Cooking classes are not only about cooking and serving but they are much extensive involving everything about food safety course and the logic behind them. Cooking classes start from the basics, for instance:

  • How to cleanse your hands before, after and during preparing a meal.
  • How to cleanse and use kitchen utensils like cutting boards and knives.
  • How to wash vegetables and fruits prior to the use.
  • How to and where to store hot and cold foods.
  • How to use lids for various pots.
  • How to put leftovers to a good use.
  • How to eliminate food wastage.

Food allergies and eating habits

Children can be a bit careless about the things that they don’t know have severe consequences. Some children are not aware of their food allergies and shall be taught how to avoid foods that they are allergic to. Cooking courses can help them find ways around their favourite foods that they are allergic to. Other than that, some food combinations can really be complicated and bad for your child’s health. They should be well aware of what they are eating and what is the shelf life of the food that they are buying.

Kitchen safety is important

You should know that when your child is enrolled in cooking classes or food safety courses they are exposed to sharp objects and fire. So it’s important that they are taught everything about kitchen safety which includes:
  • To close all the drawers and doors in the kitchen after they are done using them.
  • To be careful around stove and never to leave it unattended.
  • To use mittens while handling hot dishes.
  • How to use electronic equipment like microwave etc.
  • How to use a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.